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Most of my best connections and most valuable relationships have come from helping others grow.  When you help others, you help yourself...when your community grows you grow too.

Monica Parkin

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Monica is an award winning Mortgage Broker, Bestselling Author and TEDx Speaker

As a mortgage broker with Mortgage Architects, Monica has access to dozen of lenders and her services are usually at no cost to clients. She helps people to navigate the complex world of home financing with ease and confidence.


Whether you're purchasing your first home or refinancing to restructure debt, Monica provides expert guidance and personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs.

With many years experience as a mortgage broker, Monica takes pride in assisting first-time homebuyers in the Comox Valley and across BC.  She also understands the special challenges faced by self-employed individuals. Being self-employed herself, she knows firsthand the hurdles you might encounter and is committed to making the mortgage process as smooth and transparent as possible.

Commitment to You

Monica believes in keeping clients informed every step of the way. From the initial consultation to the final closing, she provides clear communication and outstanding customer service. Your financial goals and peace of mind are her top priorities, and Monica strives to exceed your expectations with every interaction.

More about Monica

In addition to her role as a mortgage broker, Monica is also a best-selling author and TEDx speaker. Passionate about storytelling, she speaks internationally and runs a speaking program designed to help individuals share their stories and inspire audiences. This program empowers people to connect with others and create a lasting impact through their personal narratives.

Fun Fact

Monica lives on a small hobby farm and jokingly refers to herself as "the crazy goat lady"

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Watch Monica's TEDx Talk:

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Monica Parkin - Landing Page Assets.png


“Monica has a knack for making complex, conceptual ideas relatable to our everyday lives. When you listen to her you are so entertained it's easy to forget that you're learning something new in the process.  Wholeheartedly recommend ”

Kim Christiansen, CPA, Financial Wellness Coach

"I have worked with Monica on in person
and virtual events over the last year and
at each event she has been one of the
highlights! She is so professional and
easy to work with and customizes her
material to reflect the audience. She is
full of energy, engaging and entertaining.
You won't be disappointed to hire Monica
to speak at your next event!

Cara Schuman, Mortgage Professionals Canada

Monica Parkin - Landing Page Assets (3).png
Monica Parkin - Assets.png


Monica's masterclass reveals how to use public speaking skills to reach your biggest goals... and gives you a sneak peek into her public speaking course! 

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