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Monica Parkin - Landing Page Assets (2).png
Monica Parkin - Landing Page Assets.png
Monica Parkin - Landing Page Assets (2).png

Want to Become the Go-To Authority In Your Industry?  

The answer is right here!

In this exclusive, on-demand training, you'll discover how to leverage public speaking to:

  • Amplify your brand authority.

  • Increase growth and profitability.

  • Make new connections and opportunities.

(Even if public speaking terrifies you)

Monica Parkin - Assets.png

Are you ready to unlock transformative opportunities in your life or business?

This free training reveals how to use public speaking to reach your biggest, most desired goals!

Elevating Your Brand

Public Speaking as a Tool for Thought Leadership and Market Authority


Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Monica Parkin, a best-selling author, podcast host, and TEDx speaker. 

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Over the past 8 years, the ability to give great presentations has helped me to:

Establish credibility as a thought leader

Grow my business

Have a best-selling book

Build relationships and connections with other industry leaders

Get free travel 

Receive invites for two TEDx Talks

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You may be surprised to learn that public speaking isn’t something that came naturally.

As an introvert by nature, I know what it’s like to feel anxiety in front of a room of people.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn more about the strategies and proven frameworks I’ve developed to help you be successful over and over again!

My specialty is helping professionals and organizations create spaces that value and leverage the diversity of human personalities.

Monica Parkin - Landing Page Assets (2).png

In this masterclass we will cover...

Transform Anxiety Into Confidence

Gain the skills and strategies to conquer your fears and speak with authority, setting the stage for a successful personal and professional journey.

Multiplying Your Market Authority

Discover how public speaking can directly boost your authority, increase revenue, and leave a lasting impact in your field.

Becoming the Voice of Your Industry

Discover the art of standing out, building a dedicated following, and amplifying your influence through compelling presentations.

Power Up Your Network

Explore how public speaking can open doors to invaluable networking opportunities and connections.


Elevating Your Brand:

Public Speaking as a Tool for Thought Leadership and Market Authority

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